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Hello everyone, back at it again with another wrap-up, this on is a little super late. But better late than never if you ask me.

Chapter 3 is now up on Youtube
Chapter 4 was also released.




  • (Waiting for the Season to end)

Ramblings of a Lonely Solo Writer

With the pandemic still going on, I’ve been looking for way’s to do what I love. What I feel I got placed on this earth to do – telling stories – aka become a writer.

Which always has been my sort of dream. I’ve been a book worm ever since I can remember. Even though it takes me a lot of time to actually finish any book.

That’s why I’m not a booktuber.

Other areas that my expertise derive into are – Animation – Motion Graphics – Graphic Design – Art (Drawing). The most important of those is Animation. Which derive even further into Video Games. In the past of couple of day’s I’ve been looking into expanding my 3D knowledge. So expect more of that from me. I’m not confident enough to be someone that goes into detail of my creations. As at the moment I’ve reverted to a sort of beginner.

It’s time to move on, and I need to re-pick up the skills I gained during collage and make something. And interactive experience. Weather that’s inside the Heavenly Bodies universe or in a completely new one, that’s to be seen.

For the moment my idea is to create an exploration game. Where you’re dropped into the world, and explore a beautiful stylized landscape. Mountains, cliff, deserts, ice tundras all have to be part of the game. As you travel from one point to another, you unlock puzzles. Sound’s generic – I know – no new ideas. I’m not innovating.

But the immersion part of it, is what’s going to make it flourish. You’d be climbing mountains to reach your goal. But the path there is also a puzzle in itself, because you’d have hike there.

At first it’s easy – but as you reach the summit – you’d have to make calculated decisions, otherwise you’d fall. And it ends with a game over.

There’s a story – but it’s hidden, and left open to interpretation. You might meet character’s – but their going to talk in a weird blabber like sound. Something that sounds like speech, but it’s not. I cannot hire voice actors at the moment. Because spending money on something is scary – as it might not turn out the way you wanted.

For example with Heavenly Bodies I expected some kind of support. Or at least people on the Internet checking out my book.

Giving me feedback or something. But as it stands today – there are no review’s on the Amazon page.

Sure I got a lot of support from my friends and family, but you’re friends will always tell you that you’re great. And you’re family will always tell you that you’re the best at everything you do.

The cover and illustrations inside the book where all commissioned to different artist. In the hope of building this world through different perspectives. This means the reader – at least in my humble opinion. Can still imagine the character’s in their head. And can come up with their own conclusions, to what everything means.

But alas – this solo game dev journey I’m trying to start is going to be difficult.

About Spotify Podcast’s

In the next couple of day’s I’m going to upload Episode 1 of the HB Podcast into Anchor, and so it’s going to be available on Spotify very soon. Because of this I will ramping up the quality. So some changes are coming to the podcast, stay tuned! Thankfully I found a way to create a workflow that doesn’t make me cry. 🙂

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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