[Teodor Age] – Story and Lore

An underwater noble serving under the Queen Tar’atheh

An outcast – descended from Greek myth’s, Teodor Age was once human.

And still is.

The product of a concubine, Valkyrie once came down to earth and fell in love with a man.

Close up on Teo

The only mortal Valkyrie has ever loved, as her war stridden heart is unmovable. This man meant to become the one true king. The Sargon of Akkad, the ruler of Mesopotamia. Together they had one child, and named him Teodor Age.
Valkyrie carried this child and Teo was born in the heaven’s of Valhalla. But outcasted by the other gods. And thrown down to earth, to live with his father Sargon.

At the age of 5 Teo become the first young recruit to join the Babylonian Army. One day while training near the Tigris river by himself he slipped without warning. The strong current’s carried him into the Persian Gulf, and not knowing how to swim. The current’s carried him until he was no longer in swimming distance of the shore.

At such a young age, he was pronounced death.

But things don’t end there for Teo, as when he regained his consciousness, he stood in the middle of cave. Shiny stones filled the rocks. And illuminated the cave. An entrance of a pool of water sat in the middle. He didn’t remember how he got there, his memory was blank before this point. There was a sharp pain in the left side of his head. He had hit his head with a rock in the coral reef’s. From the pool of water a face arose, her hair long and silky. Teo had heard the shanty’s of pirates who spoke of beautiful woman who sang songs to entice them to go into the water.

But he didn’t fear this woman in front of him, she was beautiful all right, but nothing about her said she would hurt him.

Teo and Red for comparison.

A young Queen Tar’atheh. She explained his situation, and told him the truth, she had saved him and brought him here for a respite. She gave him an option – join the Tarth clan and become a merman himself with the ability to visit the human world. When a blue moon lunar eclipse, encapsulates the sky. Only happening once every 15 years. For one night only. Or return to the human world and loose all his memories of ever having visited her.

He choose to abandon his life, and stay with them, gaining the power to breath underwater. And traverse the sea at his heart’s content. Of course only within the Tarth territory. He gained the ability to talk to sea animals through empathy. And learned their language. And because of his Valkyrie blood, he discovered the ability to use underwater thunder. Now he channels it into and old lamp he found scattered in the sea. And uses snail mucin, to conduct the electricity underwater. He also has an AOE attack that can span several kilometer’s in a circle. Producing random torrent’s of lighting within that given area.

Teo accepted his new life within the Tarth clan, as one of the only males within that clan. Now he searches for other males to become his betrothed. As he seeks to pledge his love with another of his same statue. But only because it’s the way’s of his old world. Teo has lived for millions of lives, and seeks to help expand the Tarth territory. Fighting alongside his clan and mother. He climbed up the ranks and became an official liaison to the Tarth military. But still works as a freelancer as it gives him power outside of politics, and get’s the things done, that no one want’s to do.

As a gift the Tarth military awarded Teo with a companion, which he affectionately named Red. Red is a little ball of energy, and is always causing mischief and pulling pranks on other’s. But sit’s still at Teo’s command.

Red in all his glory.

Oh, and about those arrows? They have a special way of activating – once they do – Teo looses all consciousness and his Rage form activates.

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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