[Preeminence] – Story and Lore

He who seeks the truth, the one of the hive, the controller, he traverses dimensions in spirit and mind. And empathic body. But when he meets evil entities they infect him with agonizing despair for they seek only to harm those they come across.

Preeminence | JAN 2021

The fact of surpassing all others; superiority.

Seeker of Truth

He who seeks the truth, the one of the hive, the controller, he traverses dimensions in spirit and mind. And empathic body. But when he meets evil entities they infect him with agonizing despair for they seek only to harm those they come across.

The wonderer encounters paratropical primordial entities, being who’s existence cannot be solely understood by the human mind. Insects of higher dimensions. The scum of the ascensions wars. And this evil acts only by instinct they have no empathy no emotion, they’re more akin to animals. They cannot speak for they are not advance enough they only seek to destroy for the full pleasure of eliminating. Destroying.

Quite the interesting fellow to research, not so much to meet.

The higher dimensional animals only want one thing. – To escape into our reality . –


Concept Lore ~ Backstory Inspiration.

The Spirit, The Metaphysical, The Unseen, and that which we can only see with our mind’s eye. That path that will make us see, what we don’t wanna see. The things that hide within the universe, the thing’s that hide between the space and the time. The insect’s within the walls of the fifth dimension. One we cannot travel to, but our spirit’s can take us there. And that evil which we are not yet able to comprehend. An instinct so carnal, a primordial directive.

That which we cannot see has always been there. We could never see it, an outside world that cast’s a shadow, and we only know it’s a cave. There’s nothing else, our feeble minds are unable to comprehend. How this thousand year old door locked in place, and why it out of sight in the first place. We were never meant to find it, and yet know there are those that use it for their own gain.

A wanderer, a junkie. A complete moron. He’s hooked on connecting, on trying to understand the unknowable. To prove what science will never be able to understand. To break past this reality and into the space time of higher realities, to see past the shadow’s, and ascend. But he has competition, and the Astral Plane is a limited space. It’s frequency can surcharge up, if to many people use it at once. The wonderer only know’s one analogy. Like a cellphone tower, that can have a limited number of connections. Receiving and sending to many packages at the same time, overloads the server.

It’s logical the wonderer would want to enter with a clean of a connection as possible. But that’s not alway’s the case. Those he ends up picking up along the way get a free ride to ascension, a free ride to Nirvana. It’s like going to heaven, and coming back to tell the tale, only confused if it might have been all a dream or not.


The Wonderer; Wander’s Around.

One thing the wanderer hates is the inability to choose which server his connecting too. Which connection his opening, and which one he’s closing. Every time he opens up his mental browser, he doesn’t know what his searching for. It’s like his taking a plunge to the unknown and there’s no one there to stop him.

The same happens to all other wonderer’s who seek to reach this connection. No one knows an exact address of connection, it’s not as simple as typing a URL. There’s no search engine to traverse the Astral Plane. It’s a blind leap.

No one want’s to do it, but there’s only so many wonderer’s to go around, some would say too many, some would say too little.


Celestial College of Astral Teaching’s & Techniques [CCATT]

The Celestial College of Astral Teaching’s & Techniques, (CCAAT) for short. Specializes in teaching wonderer’s and prospect student’s alike. How to open the mind’s third eye through, meditation, monk like period’s of silence. Persuasive blindness, mastering cold and hard elements. Controlling pain, and other methods that shock the body. Into a state of realization that helps the spirt lift itself, and achieve a state of nirvana.

Many student’s can’t deal with the excessive backlash from teacher’s and staff alike. And have, unfortunately, seen a demise by their own hands. However, the school does not waver when it comes to it’s strict policies and liberty’s it gives. Professor’s and staff alike are free to research and follow interest’s. Only as their curiosity increases.

They do have to give class of course, but the extreme liberty given by the higher ups is most coveted by people. That even janitorial positions are thoroughly coveted.

Topics of non interest are usually placed within the repository of the collage. This in turn become [Free Topics], once nabbed by a student or a esteemed guest from the collage. They take ownership, meaning whoever plucked it from the library of trees, now own’s that topic. And in turn takes full responsibility to study it to it’s fullest extent.


Charter of the Stars

Everything is spinning, why isn’t it staying still. The wonderer ask’s himself. Gravity must be the answer, he thinks. Planet’s are spinning, stars are spinning, galaxies are spinning. Everything in space is always spinning. But why isn’t it still, the wonderer seeks an answer to this. He looks back and thinks of day’s when there was nothing, only blackness. But then one moment everything changed.
The wonderer doesn’t understand. Who set this in motion, and why did it happen?

The wonderer seeks the truth, and is willing to go to the farthest deepest reaches of madness. The places where the berserk, the chaotic, the unlawful, soulless and un-good sit’s. Where mad gods throw their discarded projects. Their failures. Why do they create? What do they seek to accomplish? Are they part of a civilization we don’t understand? And since the wonderer has sided with the humans. He too takes the form of one.

And when he finally seeks council with them. The gods will not even bash an eyelash to him. For he is human, and human’s are mere ant’s to the gods.
So in turn, he looks at the star’s, and hopes that one day, the mad god’s will allow him to enter their chamber’s, within higher dimensions.


The EverDarkness

Sometimes the wonderer only has incredible darkness to cope with, the hell’s he has seen, countless inhumane world’s that are just disposed toys. The wonderer can’t cope with how much inhumanity he has seen. Sometimes it takes over him, and envelops him. Making him become an empty shell of himself. But his power still remains, and slowly it takes over him, he suppresses him, but they say he’s able to destroy a thousands suns if the power reaches it’s complete stage. But he can keep it hidden in the meanwhile, only if for a little bit. But it’s a ticking time bomb till he goes berserk.


Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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