Starboy bends space time to his will, traversing the infinity of the cosmos in the blink of an eye. He searches all throughout to find the best EDM music to play, at his one of a kind STARVES. The inside of his jacket holds primordial secrets that should stay hidden away.

The Big Dark

It only activates after – A journey of self discovery, over indulgence, and making a fool of himself in front of those he loves. In the processes pushing those very same people away.
In the middle of an episodic depression. This is the worst part.

“Why do I even try? I’m worthless, nothing put a piece of trash. People use me to feel good, and then discard me, throwing me away, like I never existed. I only exist for a fleeting moment, in their memories, then after our moment’s together ends. Their memories of me fade away, until nothing but a blurry image remains. It’s not worth it to keep going.”

“That’s right, I’ll help you indulge in those feelings, we can drown together in our misery, just the two of us.”

Starboy extends his domain of negative energy throughout our solar system. In the processes, he shuts down the star he power’s through his existence.

The sun.

Causing temperatures in our planet’s to faster decrees, reaching below zero. And making human (and alien) life almost impossible. Some manage to survive, but most freeze.
Only someone who cares with great passion for him, and can make a true meaningful connection with him. Can bring him out of this depression, and make his domain retract back inside his heart. When this happens, the sun reactivates, and cold goes away. But it takes one hell of a persistent personality.
It doesn’t happen that often. But Starboy is eternal, and time only repeats itself, he will one day forget, and he will one day remember. The Big Dark can last for centuries, as Starboy wallows in self pity.

The power of friendship.

Starboy pridefully gives to give romantic attraction to both men and woman. A party boy that will flirt with anyone he can have eye contact with. Because of this, he’s made lot’s of friends in high places, and some of the low places too. His current love interest is a modest quiet shy boy. Who meets Starboy by accident, not knowing it was him for a long time. Starboy interacted with him first. Everything clicked when the shy boy saw Starboy on stage. At one point this shy boy is his savior, as he is contacted by DOG. Starboy’s person of interest and best friend. He and CAT have taken hostage the entire galaxy. And DOG is the only one who who can contact and save the world.

CAT is the one who spends less time with Starboy, so in a sense CAT is being selfish. And fuses with Starboy to create The Big Dark for his own selfish reason’s. This way they’ll be together, the cost doesn’t matter.
DOG and SHY BOY talk to him, making him realize that there’s a bigger purpose to what he does. Even if Starboy is unable to see it.

Big Stage Presence

Starboy raves or STARAVES as they’re known through the galaxy. Are a transcendental experience, both the physical and spirtual. They are event’s that will shake and touch you to your soul. Starboy mixes the spiritual with the music. He is known to project a whole crowd, of hundreds of people. Into the Astral Plane, everyone loves him because he has immense power, and he’s eager to share. Starboy plays heavy bass – rock infused songs. With high energy and loud volume. Those who are new to his concert’s might not know how to experience him, or let him in. But once he takes hold, you’d only have to. Trust, as he carries your spirit to another dimension. You’ll see wonderful sight’s and sounds, all you need is to have faith and let go.

Not doing so will be worse, as it will feel like a Tsunami has hit you, and you’re unable to fight against the waves.

It’s a musical, but it’s EDM.

EDM music has so much potential, so much creativity. Projections appear like holograms and light up the stage. Light’s dance in sync to the rhythm, every stop – scratch – beat and sound, counted for in the light show.

It’s a level of quality you’ve never seen before. Plus the visuals, they have to impress and stun, while telling a story. In my mind, Starboy is this – cool, hip kid, who’s nice and humble, but appreciates his art, and takes it seriously. This is more than another passing dull moment for him. It’s the moment he shares his vision with the world. And only Starboy’s eye’s can see what other’s cannot.

No Helmet

Starboy doesn’t need a helmet to travel through space, he is an infinite being made of light. A sort of Merlin character. Can do it all – type of character. With the flick of wrist solves your problems – type of character. The Fairy God Mother, this biatch can solve all your problems. He might not want to though.

Starboy has the softest of magic. And it never runs out. But that infinity also has a cost.

The other world

Not only does Starboy bend and fold space time to travel through it, he can also open the mirror of the universe. A portal, entryway or cascade that floats in our space. Dark Matter conceals the veins of the universe. Universal Hyphae cells, that extend to far reaches of our universe. Connecting together to form a network of structures. Each conglomerating into a universe Thread. Several Threads strewn together are


Temples hold vast exabytes of data. Recordings of ancient civilizations that no longer exist. Dead languages and scriptures that only those with the spiritual prowess, to visit the Temples, can access. This data can become sentient and have it’s own agenda. Traveling faster than the speed of light. Astral projection, space time convergence, time travel. It’s all here. The secrets of the universe unfold, and the gate of creation opens.

Will you jump into the abyss?

These are the hidden gods of our universe. To them we must seem like meaningless ants, they have no interest in interacting with us. Or letting us know about their presence.Sentient Temples, are places that have already transcended. Hold their own universe within their consciousness. Parallel realities, simulations of our own, held within the consciousness of an all powerful sentient being.A meaningless dream, that continues. And repeats over and over. To those inside them, it’s base reality.

Where’s the playlist?

There is none, because Starboy would need it’s very own special soundtrack. Like most of my ideas – it’s big budget high fantasy – family action. I’m keeping this character PG 13.
It’s about overcoming your own problems. And realizing that even if it feels very personal. Sometimes wallowing in self pity can have repercussions for those you hold dearly.

Starboy could have an orchestral soundtrack with electronic elements. While the STARAVES part’s could have with an already well established song. I’m only dreaming of course, but the orchestra could transition into the big set pieces. As in – there’s not a moment in the film that some type of music is not playing. Even silence would need a beat. This would only apply to STARBOY.

And in turn, reflect Starboy’s happy go luck, extroverted nature.

Meanwhile the shy boy would have ZERO MUSIC, ABSOLUTE SILENCE. This can create contrast between the two.

This is a concept only of course, nothing is definitive. But I really enjoyed coming up with this character. At first I knew I wanted to make this sort of fabulous rock star. Then old ideas just starting forming together into this whole piece. That maybe you’ve just read.

Finding Purpose

Starboy might be the biggest thing to happen to the universe. Since maybe the colonization of mars or Jupiter’s moon’s. But that doesn’t stop him from trying to find his purpose and go on a journey of self discovery. As he reaches for even more of a stardom. His likable but can put on a great show. He’s strong headed in things he believes in, but lax about things that he think should change. Starboy has no purpose, and thus he’s made it his purpose to find a purpose. But he’ll never find it, because it doesn’t exist. Starboy was born out of necessity, but he’s never needed again. By those that created him.
His origin is currently unknown and is unable to remember.

That’s all – Thanks for reading. (This turned out a little wacky and cookie, but I like him, all of this really suits him. And I feel that with further dev he can become sort of like a pixar movie, that can touch on things they wouldn’t normally touch on. Like bisexuality, or maybe mental health and depression. They seem to be really loving that stuff right now, of course the script would have to be PG 13 at the maximum.)

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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