New video is up, with some changes, that I hope will keep you more entertained.

Hi everyone, it’s me, back at it once again with another video. I love making videos about Heavenly Bodies and explaining some of the lore and world building. In hopes that it interest’s you and makes you want to pick up the book.

Through some trial an error I have finally decided to record my face, so you guy’s can get to know the person who’s behind the the book.

Non the less – I wanted to try a new format, and focus more on making short and sweet videos, while trimming out the fat. Which I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that the animated opening for the show is waaay to long. Much to my demise.

So I’m going to have to do something about that a 30 second opener, is just way to long to keep you engaged, but there are video chapters, which should be now active. So you can use those if you want to skip it. I won’t get mad don’t worry.

What I summarize is that – maybe during your first viewing of the intro, it’s novel, you’re intrigued and curious and maybe watch it once. But much like TV, the opening credit’s – if you will – get boring after you binge watch some episodes. Therefore me think’s something has to be done about this.

The rest of the show is just full of quick burst facts about the topic at hand – and some jokes thrown in here and there – mind you I’m not a comedian. The episode is kept short (under 5 mins), because even though I know longer content does better on youtube, I don’t feel the style of the show is there for me to bring longer content to you.

Probably – maybe – in the future, as my content evolves.

Non the less – those are the few changes the show will be featuring in the future.

This episodes features a new change as well – my face appears in it. And now I use stock footage as the B roll instead of trying to feature it as the A roll, like the past two episodes. This is a change I will keep, and future episodes will also feature my face as the A roll. I feel it’s a welcome change, as it makes for a more interesting video.

This video’s end credit song is by More Plastic titled Let Me Go by the wonderful people from NCS.

NCS is a free to use music label for vlogs, twitch streams, gaming channels. However you can’t use their music for commercial advertising. (Like for example if McDonalds where to produce a 30 second ad with NCS music) for that kind of stuff you’ll need a commercial license. They seem to be open to any kind of business, from what I could gather, so you should contact them if you wish to use their music in a commercial setting. You’ll need to pay a commercial license and those are usually not cheap.

I believe MonsterCat also has a sort of subscription service for content creators.

I used Dubstep, because I love electronic music and EDM, it’s the only thing I listen to. ๐Ÿ˜› And because I feel leaving you with high energy is best.

With the music – that I use in my videos – I see it as serving a purpose. It’s the fluctuation of energy, if you notice, during the change from the opening credits to the actual video – there was a more chill transition in the music. This is because I want you to feel relaxed as you ingest the meat and bones of the video. And as the video ends, I try my best to keep you engaged, even though I know credits’ and end screen’s can be very boring.

Non the less – those are the few changes that I’ve made in this episode, that are here to stay. I hope you enjoy them.

This video is based on this blog post, check it out if you wish to know more.

I will be adding the subs before christmas. They’re important to me too, it’s just that they’re kinda hard to produce when all you have is you.

Also since you’re all the way down here, you might as well now HB II is coming, you just gotta be patient with me, there are more videos to produce, but I want them to be of quality.

In any case, stay safe, drinks lot’s of water, and wear a mask when you go outside. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading.

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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