01. Heavenly Bodies Lore Explainer Video | World Overview

Hi there, I wrote a book, I self published that book, and now I’m making Youtube videos that serve two purposes.

Hi there, I wrote a book, I self published that book, and now I’m making Youtube videos that serve two purposes.

  1. Keep you entertained for more the complete duration of the video.
  2. Explain the lore and story of my novel Heavenly Bodies

Wanna know more, click the link below to learn some tidbits about the making of the video.

Astral Chart

Their world is about to be in chaos, their magic could disappear, their world and all they know is about to be thrown into chaos.

Even more secret’s will be revealed, even more islands will be explored.

The Giants created the soul from their own image, now they sleep, only waking when they’re called, who beckons at their will? Who rings the bells that wake, The Giants only look at the star’s, they need no interest in the life of hommine, they are the creators.

The Salamander’s are protector’s, they only need one supplement.

The Spirit’s keep watch.

The Sleeping Primordial snores.

Another tick of the clock.

People live unknowing.

The First Sphere opens, something lurks behind, looking, watching, staring.

They protect the element’s, sacred winds, raging fires, pride full water’s, gentle earth.

And the element’s protect the gates, towards the twelve that protect life.

They are without judgment.

Even if the words above are vague, they represent ideas that not only I want to continue exploring in this fantasy, but are the ones that consume my waking thoughts.

Heavenly Bodies is dear to my heart, I love it, and even if I’m not the best writer, it’s still my world, the world I created, living, breathing, character’s inhabit the blank walls between the words.

They’re real to me.

The Cover, it’s a promise more than anything.

Honestly, I know this really great artist, like really great, he’s a master and someone I really admire. I, very randomly, asked him if he wanted anything to do with the series. And designed the four main character’s in their final form or using some type of mana skin.

That was the idea behind the cover, he happily agreed.

Then I started explaining the lore to him, talking about fake gods. Lucerna and Tenebra, the first two, quickly stuck with him.

Within seconds he already knew how he was going to pose them in the composition, that night he drew a rough sketch, then asking for a little bit more information about the character’s, like who was who in the party, that sort of stuff, then I gave him my approval, three month’s later this was the final result.

I like that the two girls have capes, and overflowing dresses, like they’re ready to attack, and could just easily stand and high concentrated energy beams could shoot out their mouth, something like that.

Wind is the ranger, while Water is the healer.

The fire boy, has the sassy stand because, well let’s just say he’s a little more in touch, plus he’s a country boy, from the backwater, so his idea of masculinity is very personal to him, he breaks toxic masculinity stereotypes and doesn’t even know it.

Fire is the attacker, while Earth is the tank.

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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