Heavenly Bodies (4/4) | Inside Book Illustration.

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Island of Quattor Map| Made using Wonderdraft

I really don’t know what to say, but the release of this map means that Heavenly Bodies is inbound. Also Wonderdraft made this map so much better than it could have ever been.

Most of my day’s as a little kid where spent imagining silly character’s I could play with in my mind, of course I knew they weren’t real, but still they made me company, when I was a teenager, that ambition grew to imagining worlds that where full of unadulterated imagination and pure glee. Of course they were mostly silly things.

As I grew into a full fledge adult, that just never went away. And it builds up like an anxiety that never truly get’s it’s way, until it does. This is what lead me to create the world of Heavenly Bodies. From BlackWald to Summerfold, today we take a deep dive into the first island of Gliese.

The Island of Quattor.

I decided to name this island after world building, and finding out that there aren’t four elementai king’s for the whole of Gliese, but instead there are four elementai king’s per island. This is what lead to it’s name.

Let’s take a look at some of the city’s and towns.

Lordell Water City

Let’s start with Lordell, the city of Catalina, Lordell has two adjacent structures to it’s main inner city, outside of it, there’s the Mylene Castle, where the King Mylo and his family resides, Catalina is part of that family. The Lordell Castle Town is where import’s from other island’s first hit the merchant’s, here people accumulate and bid for the biggest’s catch. Turning from the Lordell City Port’s towards the west you’ll see.

The Sand Mountains

A high scrapping mountain scape, a natural formation that blocks the east side of Quattor from the West side, over time earth elementai’s sculpted a tunnel and now people can pass through. There are tree tunnels in total, one near the north, one near the south and one in the middle.


The first neutral city, here people live separate lives from those that dedicate their life’s to one specific elementai. Those seeking water for example would take lodging in Lordell. Because of this, their way of life is different. Neutral cities did away with the epigraph. Crystalness has one of the biggest crystals, located inside the city. It’s also the city closest to the lake.

Mooburns Lake

Pro Fisherman and enthusiast’s alike go here for the sport, Mooburns is a big lake, and large creatures tend at the bottom, as how it can maintain it’s water supply year round? You’ll need to read the book to find out. 🙂 If you’re having trouble fishing, head to the Mooburns Fishing Help building, you’ll find a community of people ready to teach you all about the sport.

Summerfold Fire City

This is the city, it’s vibe is somewhat like New York, if New York had skyscrapers like medieval castle’s, walking the street’s of Summerfold has this palatable like feeling, like anything could happen by just turning the corner, people are always going about their lives, and using the Tram Train 24/7, everyone has a dream here, and everyone want’s to be someone, there’s never a dull moment. Those wishing to learn and master the elementai of fire, should head to this city. Although living here is not cheap. Summerfold is closest to the Ice Volcanic Area where chill wind’s hit it year round, there are a few nice day’s during summer, but don’t expect anyone to keep you warm, a perfect challenge for fire elementai’s.

Ice Volcanic Area

An uninhabitable part of the island, there’s a force field surrounding this part for a reason, you’ll need a very specific grounds for someone to give you a pass that disables the force field, but only for a quick moment, and be very prepared as it’s mountain terrain is hard to climb through. You’ll need full climbing gear. There are several post’s throughout the area, but you’ll need to find them and activate them, as they haven’t been touched in over 4800 years. (ref)


Serving as a place for monks to study, an orphanage and a bathhouse all in one place, this is the perfect place to go and relieve stress. The Monks teach classes to their student’s, and prepare them for the real world, as one they they will graduate and go out and live their life’s. This is also where Ramiel start’s her story.

Vertirion Earth City

Vertirion is an invite only city, earth elementai’s need to acknowledge your power for you to be able to enter. You might visit the building, but you’ll find nothing except a closed elevator that requires a sort of magical key-card to open, pre-registered by Vertirion and the Pastoral of Magic needed.

Well Area

Vast ravines of water flow through the desert, there are several well’s that you might want to visit, but worry not the protection tower’s will keep you safe, that is unless you’re traveling using Sand Whales, then they’re unable to keep you safe, sorry about that. The Tower’s are fully automated.


A small town, once said to be the mining town, sadly that was soon discovered to be a bust, as the desert sea provides almost nothing, now only those abandoned by society get to live here. Living cost’s are low, and most of the land is considered part of the slums, there are one or two building’s that double as inn’s and restaurant’s, but only those looking to escape society or have been outcasted by it, come here. This is also where Rae start’s his story.

The Desert Sea

Is that sand? Flowing like water? If you travel towards the Vertirion Outlands, you’ll be able to see how the sand turns into water. Weird…


Don’t go to Quby, don’t work in Quby, don’t live in Quby, this is paradise on earth for those looking to refresh and be tourist’s in this part of the island, but those living here tend to small wages and hellish hours, this is true paradise on Gliese, until you see past it’s smoke and mirrors.

Valian Wind City

The biggest city by far in Gliese, everyone here lives happy lives, Wind elementai’s are strict, but never unjust. You’ll learn the art of wind blades, and teleportation spells that use wind magic. You’ll need to submit proper paperwork before you even start to consider going up the ranks. The Valian Army is strong and powerful, you don’t want to go against them. If you’re starting out, you’ll be given a house in the castle town, or in the boonies, away from the city itself. Go up the ranks and you might just get to live a lavish kind of life.

Crossquet Woods S

The Crossquet woods stand near the Valian Castle Town, small monster’s live here, but they won’t come out, don’t worry, the Valian crystal will protect you. Don’t go looking for them yourself though.


No one know’s about BlackWald, no one know’s where it is, no one really seems to care, hidden inside a lush forest, you’ll need to follow glowing spirit’s and a slow humming song, many say that it’s tone is beautiful and can even be heard outside of the forest. Standing in the western tower of Valian will also yield the same result. Don’t get lost, the forest will eat you up, and you’ll never be able to come out, fairies will take you prisoner and eat you from the outside in. At least that’s what tall tales from bards say.

Lost Towers

People don’t want to go into the lost tower’s, not because it has monster’s, but because it has monster’s, a different kind though, robotic in nature, once said to be the mainline defense system for attacker’s coming through the the Red Sea of Passing, the Lost Tower’s, hold a self defense mechanism, hiding a vast treasure inside, you’ll need to clear all six tower’s and it’s defenses before reaching the treasure.


A small town, with un-passionate people, gloomy and depresses as if it was always raining on them, because of the cloud mountains Havenlyn get’s heavy snow during the winter, cold shower’s during spring, a little bit of sun during summer, and cold wind’s during fall, most of the time the sun is up, Havenlyn is covered in shadow because of the mountains. People here are depressed, yet they still go about their lives.


Even a smaller community that Havenlyn, they have interconnected crystals that protect them through their farmlands. Their way of life is even more simple. Forest start’s his story in the farmlands in between Dragonmedow and Insomnolence.


A small town, that mostly never sleeps, they also live off the land, nothing interesting happens in Insomnolence, except maybe purple patches that appear on the floor. But people mostly ignore them.

Cochburns Enclaves

There’s an entrance to a cave system, surviving it, will lead you to another island, this is also where you’ll need to travel if you want to talk to the Pastoral of Magic.

And so be it, we have arrived to the end, I hope this little post will get you even more excited to read the book. Anyway, from me that’s all, remember to stay safe.

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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