Races in Heavenly Bodies

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All right let’s go.

Races are divided into two categories.

New Wave Race

The Lillith’s, The Whispering Foxes, The Bdrakes, The Avem’s, The Lupinotums, and the Horned Humans

Sacred Wave Race

Hominine (Humans but everyone is human so we get this name). The Orcs, The Dwarves, and The High Elves

The Lillith’s

Little balls of fluff, they float around, they do not have leg’s, but have wings on their backs, they pass their time reading and learning, considered the smartest race in Gliese, the only race that is unable to use shield or elementai magic, but their centuries of learning make them especially good at reading old runes, makers of the two sub run language’s now used all across Gliese. Once they get bored they take menial tasks like being a chauffeur’ or bartender’s. They have their own language which they hold secret and don’t share with anyone.

The Whispering Foxes

Considered a race only because of what they do, at night their skin glows in a multicolored pattern and bring lost souls into the miasma, they work directly with Gaia, otherwise they are normal foxes.

The Bdrakes

Long lost cousins of dragon’s, their skin is though and prickly, and must be maintained daily. Otherwise their scales become dirty and are seen as a lower class within the Drakes society.

The Avem’s

They do not follow the rule of Homine’s, instead they have their own political system, but still maintain peace within Gliese, human like, but with wings on their arms. Can fly.

The Lupinotums

Hexe’d humans, at night they turn into wolf’s, and once a month on a full moon, their instinct’s take over and they rage. Those of blue coat can be turned back, but breaking the curse is extremely painful, red coated wolf’s can not be turned back into Homine. And do not transform back during the day. Very few documented cases of red’s hexes’ being broken have been recorded, and those that turn back, have not lived to tell the tale.

Horned Humans

A very old race, only four of them remain, and they rather continue living in deep slumber, towering at about 30 feet in height, they are considered the architects of Gliese, they rarely venture out of the place were they live. Whisper’s on the wind and old legend’s say that they were once closely associated with the statues that produce and make souls on Gliese. Although how that correlates was lost after the First Dismal Catacylsm. Usually work closely with the Lillith’s

“This is what started the The First Dismal Cataclysm an all out war between the ancient’s, they annihilated themselves, now only the giant’s of souls and a race commonly known as the Horned Humans, towering like giant’s that serve as the architects of Gliese, and their writing system is what remains of the ancient’s.”

Hominine of Quattor

Normal humans, nothing special about them.

Orcs of Daraga

Daraga is the homeland city of the orcs, located in the island of Yiosoros, Orcs live a life in the underground, they made their home in the caves of Daraga because the crystal provides energy and light, they live of the vegetation and animal life that flourishes in the Daraga system of cave’s. Their main city surrounds a giant abyss like gap, they send explorer’s every day, the abyss has it’s own set of rules, different from the world above.

Dwarves of Febrica Ferrum

Dwarves spend most of their day’s producing, smiting and making crystals that are consumable by the general public, Febrica Ferrum provides 100% clean renewable energy to the cities of Gliese. Located in the Island of Quattor.

The High Elves of Havenlyn

Havenlyn is also located in the island of Quattor, somewhere close to Dragonmedow, but not quite, it’s not located on any of the maps, I wonder where their city is? Maybe if you venture forth through the dark mist that cover’s the sea, you could find them, although no one dares enter the mist, fisherman tell tale tales of military ships broken in half, they say the Kraken itself dwells within the mist, but that’s just fisherman shanty. Although now that I think about it, no one that has entered the mist, has come back to tell what’s on the other side. How strange…


And that’s it, I hope you continue to look forward to Heavenly Bodies and it’s debut release this year!






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