My first con experience! A 2 Day event

Goes to a con once, becomes an expert.

This is a compilation of some tips I would give myself for a first con experience.

Hi, my name is FJ, I go by minimanube, why two names? Because my art and my writing are two separate things I want to keep away from one another.

I attended the oops summer fest, it’s a local event for artist’s and only artist’s in Monterrey Mexico, it’s LGBTQ+ theme, organized by indies for indies, it’s a very cool event, not only did I get to network with some cool people I got to sell my art as well.

Anyway, here are some useful tips I discovered during my first con going experience.

Stickers are a must!

My idea was to just sell my prints, I choose Given because well it’s the gay anime of the season, and it’s a gay con so they must go hand in hand, well not really, the big seller was Kimetsu no Yaiba, and with good reason, the animation for the show is superb, it’s shonen and everyone is watching it because it’s sure to beat my hero academia, did i say that? I think they can both co-exist in the same space, my two friends who did bring Kimetsu no Yaiba material sold big time! What people wanted most from the con was getting stickers, and stationary, basically things that they can buy and wont feel like they spent their money just because, we had a cosplayer in front of us and he was selling printed photos, he bought my given prints and gave me a lot of praise, my friend’s who are experienced con goer’s told me it’s artist etiquette to buy from them when they buy form you. I agree with this, but this guy was a cosplayer, so I bought around the same amount of money he bought from me, what I’m getting at is, people want to buy stuff from you that they can later use, people would look in awe at my prints and then not know what to do with them. I get that, where do you put them, do you frame them and hang them on your wall? I usually buy prints form artist who I think are cool, and later hang them in a special part of my office that I have dedicated for art prints and stuff, most people don’t have that.

Have combos

I thank the lord that my friend and I made a Given combo, she had sticker’s from the series and people would want them, then we would tell them about the combo with my prints and they would usually want them, this way people got a really good deal, with some prints and some stickers as well. If you can do this by yourself then it’s a lot better because all the money goes to you, especially in a sealed package that people can later show off to their friends, because word of mouth in a con is a real thing, one person buy’s the package then show’s it off, and more people know about it and consequently want to buy it, and the meanwhile you reap the benefit’s.

Popular series sell (2019 edition)

Kimetsu no Yaiba, My Hero Academia, Haikyuu, Black Clover, PsychoPass (although it’s a little bit more underground), SOA, Radiant, Shokugeki no Soma are all popular series that I’ll be doing fanart and sticker’s off in the coming month’s to prepare for the November con I’ll be attending! My point is that if you bring stationary from those series people are gonna want to buy them, even more so if it’s some type of keychain, don’t bother bringing a series that you really, really love like Cop Craft or something more underground; because it’s not gonna sell and you’re only waisting your time. You can love that underground series, you can really love that underground series, but if it’s not in the top ten anime series, don’t bother, concentrate only on the top ten.

Original Artwork

If it’s your first time, bring only one piece, and then add more pieces as you go along, as you get more “fans” of your artwork, people are gonna be more interested in your pieces.

And those are some things I would tell myself if I knew myself before I attended my first con.

I took September to work on my style, but somehow september is kinda over now, mostly rested I think, I start working on new material in October as I’ll be going to another con in November, this one is a whole weekend, so of course I’ll come back with a post after it. 🙂

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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