Final Fantasy XIV, and my story within it.



I don’t usually write about video games here on this blog, I have another one for that, but Final Fantasy XIV is a weird one, I’m really enjoying it because not only am I playing with a friend, ApoloGrim, who is playing another character called Afkhar, we role play and it’s a fun time. The above image is my character, while the blue one below is her character. All art by ApoloGrim.

Yes he has pink hair.

My character’s name is Nike, no not like the company, but the statue. In fact I’m considering giving him his full name Nike Samothrace, but Afkhar doesn’t have a surname so it’s not that time just yet. Funny story: Nike has another name inside the game, okay okay look… I’m rping as one of my character’s from a novel series I’ve already written, but I’m looking to publish that traditionally, so telling you the name of the character I’m rping as might cause confusion as I consider this version of the character a different incarnation in the wide multiverse of my headcannon’s, while the version in the books is completely different. I mean not that different, but in the books I’m going for a more straight laced relationship, you know to cater to wider audiences, meanwhile this version inside ffxiv became very apparent and very quickly that he was madly in love with Afkhar, so of course Afkhar is a boy, and Nike is a boy so, yeah, they are gay for each other.

You know I think the character’s in my books are bisexual, so in another timeline this ship is totally one hundred percent possible, but I just changed the name for you know reason’s. Yeah just to keep it simple and not have any confusion between the two.

Also in the book’s, Nike is the more of the tank, the one who supports the party, even if roles like that are not specifically established, because he is the first one to jump into battle to protect his friends, while the ffxiv version is a healer! Healer’s are not tanks…

Funny thing is that Nike measures in height around 5,1” while Afkhar is like 6,2″ so yeah height difference.


When they’re in battle, Afkhar holds the frontline, making the enemy Agro up on him, while Nike watches from the sidelines, the battle get’s thougher and thougher, then suddenly everyone in the party is wiped out, the situation seems dire, but Nike enter’s the fray, stands in the middle of it all next to Afkhar, put’s his wand to the sky and cast’s the larges’t medica you have ever seen in your life, there’s nothing quite like it, a circle shine’s and expands from the wand’s origin, moving like a shockwave through the crowd of fallen soldier’s. Afkhar looks at Nike with a wry smile, cocky.

Nike looks back, embarrassed, shy but feeling accomplished for having enough mana reserve’s to heal the whole battlefield in an instant and to full health.

“I thought I would die this day,” say’s Afkhar.

“Well you-you alway’s have to think twice” say’s Nike

The enemy has now locked on to Nike, Medica has brought their attention, but the conjurer inside him is able to defend for just a moment, Nike assumes a casting position, and from the ground in a split second a mountain of rock’s split the earth, and injure the enemy, with just enough time for Afkhar to continue onwards, agroing the enemy back to him, leading the now resurrected party towards victory, Nike give’s order’s and compunds a set of conjurer’s at his command, together, they throw a barrage of spells through the head’s of the frontliner’s, then just before Afkhar hit’s his sword against the monster, Nike cast’s protect, just for him, Afkhar knew it was going to happen, they make a great team, they both have great power, but it’s how they use it that differ’s and make’s their relationship interesting.

Yeah, so this is just like ground work for some fan fiction with these two.


While playing FFXIV you get to go to a place called the Golden Saucer, it has card games and mahjong and some weird boxing ting, my favorite is the TriAd, so simple yet so addictive, I love it. when Afkhar get’s off the airship and enter’s the saucer, he see’s happy bunny girls, smiling at him and wanting to serve him. Afkhar instantly panics and start’s worrying about the girl, is she paid enough? Does she have a family, is she okay? Things like that, meanwhile Nike enter’s the Golden Saucer and instantly see’s a mirage of fun opportunities to be had, smiling akin to a little child at Disney world, while Afkhar looses his way through the coin exchange to moogle coins, Nike finds it a rather obtuse process, but manages to get his hand on some of those special coins, Afkhar attunes himself to the tiny crystal’s but not the big one in the Golden Saucer and is unable to teleport around, Nike goes to the big crystal first. When they go together, Afkhar doubt’s it because he thinks he’s not going to have fun, but when he see’s how much fun Nike is having, and how he truly enjoy’s it here, he suddenly want’s to make an effort and tries to enjoy himself as well. It’s a fun time, and if they spend it together, it’s even better, Nike doesn’t need much but just a nice date at the Golden Saucer with his gigantic brute boyfriend.


Before we go to the 70 v 70, Afkhar is going up against a 1 v 1 pvp, Nike walking down the street’s he suddenly walks into a mixed martial art’s type of gym, with a ring in the middle, machines and workout equipment fill the area, Afkhar is in the middle of the ring, fighting against another contend ant, practicing his skills. Nike pops from behind a wall, walking rapidly shouting Oi to his partner, Afkhar doesn’t get distracted and continues with the fight, but Nike continues to be the annoying little bug he is. When he get’s out of the ring Nike is already there waiting for him in the sidelines, he has come to pick him up because they are leaving for a very special date.


So together, they form a weird couple, but I think they’re a power couple, most definitely they’re an item within this world, and everyone know’s they are except themselves. Everyone want’s to see them together, but both of them want to take it slow, showing clear sign’s that they like each other, but not knowing if they actually do. Afkhar sometimes send’s money to Nike, but only because he can, he’s much further into war, while Nike is still a conjurer in training, this is because Afkhar is already far deeper into the story than Nike. And that’s on me. High level wands and stuff as well, because Afkhar is really nice, at first Nike thought that Afkhar was doing this for him, going out of his way to clear dungeon’s and loot the mage high level wands and stuff, but not really he does that for everyone he cares about. Upon finding this out, Nike thought that he was special, but then he realized that he was not. But that’s okay he thought, it means Afkhar still thinks about him in some sort of special way, even if he’s far away at war. Whenever Nike talks to Afkhar through mail system, he get’s a little bit of hope, a glimmer of light so that Nike can continue his quest and become a great conjurer so that one he can become a great conjurer who heals.

So yeah, that’s a little introduction to our character’s, my friend and I will continue to roleplay the character’s, so I’ll make a new one updated with new info on their personalities. Because if they don’t click, what’s the point of even building a story around them.


Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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