Turns out I was not the first to describe god as a glowing orb of white light

If you haven’t already, I wrote a short story back in 2017 about our dear friend lucifer and how he got cast out of heaven in an all out heavenly war. In that story I describe god as a big glowing orb of white light that you can’t see because you go blind as you get close to it. I thought I was being real clever, but turns out I’m not the first as I found out today. Watching summary’s on the Divine Comedy, and reading’s of Paradiso, told me exactly that, it’s representation of God is that of 3 rings that represent the father, the son and holy spirit. And like it’s not exactly the same but kinda the same.

You know what I mean, idea’s are not original, and you should just go with it. If you think you’re being clever think again, because you’re probably not as clever as you think.

Also I didn’t know anything about Paradiso before today, as I only read Inferno, which is the best in the trilogy, let’s all agree with that.

Whatever Dante was on drugs.

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