Stillborn (Short Story)


First there was none, and then there was war.

When the all seeing one created the universe, the cosmos, and everything in between, he created heaven and hell, and placed it in the middle of our world, yet he did not create it in his spitting image.

He created it in chaos.

He created gods that would run the earth and answer to his every command, he created burning valleys of torture that stood in the midst of the world, humans who’s only purpose was to serve as living corpses of flesh serving as food for the demonic titans, and currency for the towering archangels.  Yet he was unsatisfied.

War was only the beginning, he gave the gods a purpose, to be evil or to be good, morality inscribed into their stones of virtue that they must follow by the word.

Their bibles for they were born not knowing any other rules. And so they thought it was the way of the world.

For if their god had written it, it must be so.

At first, the war was cold, peaceful on the outside. The angels tried to deliver their message from the all seeing one, and the demons did not head to their demands. The demons device a plan, to kill the archangel commander, so as they could get into the gates of heaven. They killed the commander, but failed to get into heaven as they were pushed back by the angels.

The angels were so displeased with the band of hermits who had killed their commander, they broke an all out war with the demons. An army with no authority, so they were left to their own devices. The first to suffer where the humans, lances of light thrown from the heavens across great distances of lands, the demons electrocuted till their skinned burned and eyes runny and fully cooked. The one’s safe from the attack dispersed spells of darkness thrown from the heavens towards the angels.

At the front of the war, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, commanding each at the 3 corners of the earth. And at his almighty right hand, Lucifer.

Commander of war.

Lucifer was the only angel that could be in the presence of the almighty one, but any angel who decided to stay in his blissful presence submitted himself toward the temporary blindness. For the almighty one did not allow himself to be seen, but in return, anyone who stayed in his presence, was rid of all sin on his body. Removing any shame or negligence that had once powered on to the body. Total blindness came to those who stayed too long, but seeing was not for those who achieved a higher state of mind.

As the war reached its peak, Lucifer came to give his final report to the all seeing one at his throne in the heavens. Stairs reaching higher and higher into the clouds, one had to climb through the spheres and reach Faith, Hope and Love, before they could reach on the stairs.

As they stairs took him upward, his eyes blinded and became all white around. They were clouded with his white light from the inside. He did not know when he was grabbing on to a pillar, naked flesh or marble rock, his vision continued to blind, he continued on to the top of the throne as best he could during the temporary blindness. He suddenly heard cries of the angels, angels who had repented for staying in his presence to long, crying for his mercy, wanting to stay close to him, even if they strayed to far one could reach sin and never be able to see again.

It was their limbo.

Even after they were touched by his presence, but strayed away, then once again managed to find him, they would never know it was him. For the rest of eternity they would search for false gods.

Lucifer reported his advances in the war, and the almighty spoke to him inside his head, that’s the only way he knew he was speaking to him. The voice echoed and thumped inside his head, his blindness did not affect him for a moment, for when the almighty spoke an internal peace formed inside lucifer, like an eternal sunshine broke through his barriers and melted the ice on his body. But as he stopped speaking the sunshine started to diminish and the ice started to form again.

He turned back and walked in a straight line, for walking in circles would only stray him from the exit. When he reached the ground his vision returned.

They were going to make the final advance towards the demons, they had them cornered. It was over. The war lasted centuries, and only years would pass before they defeated the demons. Time was a foreign concept to them.

Gabriel, Michael and Raphael fought bravely for Lucifer. Even Lucifer himself spread his wings on the battlefield.

Finally as Lucifer was about to give the final strife, he stood over the demon army, holding him down with his feet at both elbows, Lucifer stopped, and poised himself, he lurched the knife towards the army’s heart but instead he turned on his own and stabbed himself.

He took his sword out and it made a beautiful dance it turned itself into a human woman. She approached the guardians of Lucifer, the demons almost instantly wanted to launch at the woman, but lucifer stopped them with one swift motion of his hand. Instead the woman approached the angels. And she seduced them with her charms.

The angels never felt such desire, the men instantly caved in, the three of them prowled at woman to  the ground and fornicated with her. Soon they sought pleasure with each other and left the woman to her wits.

Even so they exploded with passion, Lucifer watched as the angels became lust-full, he knew the punishment, for this would be severe. Outside of paradise they were nothing but mortals.

Lucifer smiled, he had tricked them.

As they reach ectasy they spread their wings, truly a sight to be seen, but just as Lucifer had foretold, light shone down through the heavens, burning of their plumage, their naked chiseled bodies burning slightly, their wings slowly falling of their backs. They were falling, falling from grace. They fell to the ground unable to stand up for a moment, spread out on all fours.

They introduced sin to mankind.   

With only bones to their shoulders, they stood up, tired from working on themselves and the woman. Raphael gave a disgusted look at the woman, and then at Lucifer. His desires, he was disgusted by them. Raphael grabbed the woman from her hair, pulling her head back. She screamed and wiggled trying to get away from Raphael, but he was too strong, even if he was human.

He sliced her throat with a sharp whistle of his arm. Blood ran down her neck likes rivers of Styx that held the boundary between heaven and hell. She collapsed to the ground dead on arrival.

“Thou has fopped us brother,” said Raphael, his upper lip quivering in on to itself, showing his gum. You could see sadness on his eyes. “We was brothers, brothers of war Lucifer,” his voice booming over earth, sounding like shockwaves through the air.

“Tis not mine fault thou has fallen to the sins of man,” said Lucifer, a smile creeping on his face. He could feel emotions starting to boil up inside him, anger, fear and pride. “I simply gave thou the apple and thou took the bite.” His arms stretching out, pretending to hold and apple and letting it fall.

“Thou subtle, perjured, false disloyal man!” said Michael speaking in between closed teeth and heavy breathing.

And with that the sky’s parted, opened in two half’s. Light came down and blinded them all. Just one, one was left unblinded, Lucifer.

Slowly water started to flow beneath their feet. His three brothers were slowly carried upwards into the sky, unconscious as they were blind.

Wings forming on their backs once more.

He saw him, he saw the all of seeing one. Blob’s of light sparkling like the sun, energy unable to conserve itself inside. Fire’s sprout out, blinding to the eye, he could not hold his gaze much longer for he was not blind, and his eyes burned to the core. He had to cover his eyes and turn down for he was unable to witness him.

Truly and act of the all seeing one.

Suddenly Lucifer’s wings started to fade, fade from his golden white, to a color darker than black. He stood up again, hands against his face.

“What are thou doing father?” he screamed to the heavens. “This is what thou wanted, isn’t it?” he asked, his voice wavering as he said so.

The Almighty’s voice boomed through the heavens as light shone through a gapping hole in the sky. The voice was like a million cry’s, a million gods speaking all at once. But the language, he did not understand it. Lucifer did not understand the language of the heavens.

“Thou have created separation father, thou bestow upon my glory what I rightfully declared mine, thou gave it to me father!”

The voice did not come again, instead the sky closed and the light stopped its shine. He was left there with complete darkness. He took his hands of his face.

Lucifer looked behind him, a throne only fit for a king raising from the ground, made of flesh hot to the touch, spikes and wire wrapped around the throne.

“Father, a king, me?” he said smiling thinking of the white light in the sky.

Slowly small fireballs started exploding upwards into the parted sky’s. He knew they were angels being called back to the gates. Like tower’s of light rising from the bottom and reaching their crescendo up on the heavens. All those poor souls, blind forever.

Fallings angels in reverse filled the heavens One by one recollected by him. Then when there were no more angels to carry, the flood came. Lucifer saw it in the distance, a wave, 50 meters high, it was about to crash in the distance, it did and it brought a flood of tsunami with it. Lucifer placed his hands above his head, shielding himself from the water. Yet as it hit his body, he felt pain but he didn’t move, he stayed there with minimal effort, unwavered by the waves.

Then he was alone, swallowed by the water.

He could breath just fine, after all he was still immortal. Behind him his demon army, darkness filled his senses.

He still saw the light shining through the water. But not for long, as a roof of rocks started to form on top of him.

“No?” he exclaimed. “Wherefore art thee leaving me?” he stopped as the darkness started to unveil unto his body. “I Prithee” he shouted. “I repent, I prithee, I repent.” He said in his last moments of exasperation.

Then there was none. Nothing, he was just there alone in the darkness. Lucifer stopped to his knees, he started crying.

“Prithee,” he said in a small voice, to himself and to everyone.

He collapsed.

When he came to, stairs leading up to a roof appeared in front of him, dimly lit by an unknown light. He came to and went up the stairs.

When he arrived at the top, sunlight hit his eyes, sounds of birds singing in the midnight day breeze, he suddenly started to feel grass at his naked feet.

Soft warm grass, like a gentle blanket had been placed over them. Flowers and trees that grew every kind of fruit, rivers and ponds in the distance, fresh water, crystal clear. It was a garden, the most beautiful garden he had ever seen. He walked a little then he bumped into a wall. It wasn’t a wall per se, more of an invisible wall, he placed his hands on it and his palm sunk into it as he placed force on it, he couldn’t see the wall, but he knew it was there. Then it started pushing him backwards, he wanted to stay there, he wanted to live there, it was such a wonderful place. How can he be taken away after he was given a taste of the fruit.

He pounded the wall, a woman and a man appeared out of the bushes, naked to the bone, they were  humans, he could see them at eye level.

“Humans?” he said as the wall pushed him slowly back towards the stairs. “I don’t understand” he muttered. He finally was not pushed anymore, but he had reached the stairs back to were he had come from. Where he stood there was no grass, after the wall, the garden started. The Garden was just inches away, if only he could climb through and touch it once more.

He placed his head against the wall, defeated by it all.

He started pushing the wall with his shoulder as if he wanted to break it.

He gave up after his shoulder started to bleed.

He decided it would be best if only he could just go back, before he turned into the walkway, he looked back one more time.

The man and the woman looking at each other, sin was not in their language.

Lucifer smiled, and laughed. A soft reverberating chuckle, if only you were to hear it, it would creep down from every bone of your body, turning the hair’s on your body outwards, like a hedgehog defending itself, and your skin would feel cold from the inside.  He understood the all seeing one’s plan.

He knew how he was going to get into the garden. He was going to build an empire. And he was going to be the king.

The all seeing one, in his own image, had created a god. He was forced to separate the light and the darkness as he saw they would never be fit, and thus neutral was born, the land we now call earth. Still darkness and light sometimes seep into the neutral zone and assimilate a darkness of their own.

And for both sides, each has a king of their own.   

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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